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Strategic Data Solutions are introducing two new services to market - The SAP HR and Payroll Data Auditng Service and the Automated SAP Payroll Testing Service.

Underpinning each of these unique services are two bespoke SAP-based solutions which have been developed in house by SDS - The SDS Auditor and the SDS Payroll Test Tool. The following demonstrations cover the basic functionality of each of these solutions, and an overview of the Services whith which they are associated. (links will open in a new window).

To register for a FREE online demo, simply clicking on the link for the time and day that suits you. Alternatively, if none of the pre-set times below are suitable, please contact us directly to arrange a private demonstration.

Auditing Service

DateTime (GMT)Register
January 2014Thursday 9th13:00 to 13:45 Ended
Tuesday 14th11:00 to 11:45Ended
Monday 20th12:00 to 12:45Ended
Friday 31st13:00 to 13:45Ended
February 2014Thursday 6th11:00 to 11:45Ended
Tuesday 11th10:00 to 10:45Ended
Wednesday 19th11:00 to 11:45Ended
Monday 24th12:00 to 12:45Ended

Testing Service

DateTime (GMT)Register
January 2014Friday 10th11:00 to 11:45Ended
Thursday 16th12:00 to 12:45Ended
Wednesday 22nd13:00 to 13:45Ended
Tuesday 28th16:00 to 16:45Ended
February 2014Monday 3rd10:00 to 10:455Ended
Friday 14th11:00 to 11:45Ended
Thursday 20th15:00 to 15:45Ended
Wednesday 26th13:00 to 13:45Ended

You are welcome to attend as many demonstrations as you like. It may be that you need to see one of the services before a colleague is available, and then see it together in a subsequent demo. Alternatively, if you like what you have seen in one of the above sessions, but have more questions or need to see more than can be covered, please contact us to arrange an individual webinar to meet your particular needs.




Auditing Service
Testing Service


SDS Auditor overview videoSDS Auditor overview
(about 6 mins)

opens in a new window

SDS Payroll Test Tool overview videoSDS Payroll Test Tool overview
(about 10 mins)

opens in a new window

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